Our own mind

18 octobre 2008


What's in the days? What's in the nights?
When I don't see doves in flight
where do I cheer? Where do I play?
When walls are shading gray

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11 août 2008


Yet for the gods,
The drums have been hammered,
Cheating the odds
Sun has set, then murmured,
'Tis the moon?

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10 mars 2007


A ma tendre j'ai murmuré
"Te ferai-je un portrait"
Mais... quel crayon utiliser?
2B or not 2B?


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22 novembre 2006

The odds

In faith and hope men will disagree,
But remember, upon the conduct of thee,
Depends the fate of the free.


I have lived... long enough I have lived,
But glory and memory
belong to thee,
And Megas they call the free.


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12 avril 2006


O’ mon enfance, on m’a volé tes sens
Quatorze ans, on a violé tes raisons.
A l’aide ! contre le temps mais en vain,
Rage ! contre la machine O’ esprit de vin.

Mort depuis, je ne sus renaître,
Mon sphinx ? Chimère dit le prêtre.
Ces sons, ces rythmes ; mes couleurs prononcées
Ces voix, ces énigmes ; mes cris et leurs pensées.

Une vie dans le passé, une vision de l’oubli,
Un regard regrettant… une œuvre inaccomplie.
Mais la lumière ruissela,
Et sur mon visage elle se constella.

O' mon enfance!!


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27 mars 2006


She swam beyond left dust and bone
Her seed blossoms to draw our dawn,
Carrying salvation on her crown.
She is alone, heir to our throne.


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15 décembre 2005

Our queen

Our thirst, our desire, our fate
Manipulate, copulate and create
Her beauty, her curve to contemplate
We… believe, we… love?
We… love, we… believe
She is the queen and we… achieve!


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12 novembre 2005


For poor lives, wolves fled giving up vows
Losing lives, tigers bled fighting arrows and bows,
For shameless age, some saved a soul crawling small
For honour by rage, others damned a soul standing tall.

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04 octobre 2005


Laughing dry tears, for our light he stole
Hailing bright fears, for his sight we shawl
Many a man, many a child, many a soul!
To his greatness, many a queen have bowed
To him who tried,
To him who flied,
To him who died,
The fortunes have favoured the bold...


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11 août 2005

Our prayer

Threatening dark Light, "free our soul!"
Everlasting Vast Sight, "guide our soul!"
Mystic holy Night, "Damn our soul?"
Dust and bones they are after all...


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