12 novembre 2005


For poor lives, wolves fled giving up vows
Losing lives, tigers bled fighting arrows and bows,
For shameless age, some saved a soul crawling small
For honour by rage, others damned a soul standing tall.

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Commentaires sur Honour

  • from the other side of the ocean :p

    maybe you would like to check out those websites : www.pages.infinity.net and www.toyomasu.com/haiku. Keep up the good work

    Posté par Sun Li, 13 novembre 2005 à 00:06 | | Répondre
  • Tiens je savais pas que tu avais un blog...
    Je reviendrai

    Posté par Bsima, 22 novembre 2005 à 23:22 | | Répondre
  • Welcome

    You're welcome little Bsima, anytime.
    Leave some comments though, others are just knocking me off with their:"oooh it is beautiful".
    I'd prefer to talk about what I wrote, gimme your impressions you band of...carabins


    Posté par Superfly, 23 novembre 2005 à 13:09 | | Répondre
  • Like ur last sentence "you band of carabins..."

    Sometimes i feel just like 'im doing everything except medecine...
    Those who just say "ohh it's beautiful" be great with them, u make them confuse, afraid, superfly... Fly high...
    Any way, don't pay too much attention to what i'm saying, cause these days i'm completely out...

    I'll give u my impression later, need to read more of ur's...

    Posté par Bsima, 23 novembre 2005 à 22:00 | | Répondre
  • I'd just say "ooh it's beautiful!" ..
    Lemrina, from "carabin's band"
    just kidding hombre!haha

    More seriously,
    The message is really strong: honor, pride.., but what I liked the most.. might be the metaphors, the images on it..

    wolves are taking power, when the rare tigers who survived still fight for pride and honor..
    it's easier to be a wolf
    it's harder to survive as a tiger in a wolves' world
    it seems to be the laws of the jungle where we are living actually!

    But let us keep the fight guys!

    Posté par lemrina, 10 décembre 2005 à 22:22 | | Répondre
  • Love with irony

    Actually I wrote this one after a row with one of the closest persons to me, it started with a hidden lie. As an error, a lie is very human, but as pardon, admitting the error is divine. Not admitting is living barefacedly.
    I wrote it also the same night I have watched “The last Samurai”, that’s where I got the image of tigers fighting while losing. The wolves are a reflection of few old memories and fairy tales.

    Wolves are animals I truly like, they fought hard to exist, remember the American wolves’ extinction, I guess now they’re back to track. Their hunting methods; sneaking peeking, landed them with this “Diib” reputation.

    Tigers, I can say, are majestic, beautiful and proud, but remember they attack from the back.

    What an irony! Huh?!
    In the ways of an old country called Persia, and where Babylon raised, they used to say: “Those who love too much lose everything, and those who love with irony… last”.
    Find the link…


    Posté par Superfly, 12 décembre 2005 à 16:38 | | Répondre
  • C'est la personne en qui tu crois le plus qui t'attaque par derrière...
    Crois en moi, j'en ai fait l'expérience...

    Posté par Bsima, 13 décembre 2005 à 00:17 | | Répondre
  • loooooooooooool, je te dirai après pourkoi!! te quiero mouuuuah! I'm fixing you!! take care of hadik and hadik

    Posté par BloodLover, 13 décembre 2005 à 20:14 | | Répondre
  • Backsides

    Bsima, Ah bon? par derrière gaa3, ooooo!! Et t'as pris une lesson avec cette expérience?
    But you know I understand what you mean, it just hurts, sorry charming girl, but you gotta fight and watch your back, mmm I feel like saying nothing here, I better stop, common words are none of mine. BISOU!!

    Hey BL, I got you mate, I'm all fixed up, your turn Cool ranch dressing!!!

    Posté par Superfly, 13 décembre 2005 à 21:01 | | Répondre
  • pfffff & loool

    Posté par BloodLover, 13 décembre 2005 à 21:08 | | Répondre
  • stop the anthropomorphism be them wolves or tigers, anything they do is for sheer survival. The fact that tigers attack from behind is because they can't stand to be stared at, but I believe that from wherever they get you, you're in a bad position...

    Posté par Sun Li, 14 décembre 2005 à 17:01 | | Répondre
  • shame on u

    Eux une leçon de vie oui... j'en parlerai peut etre un de ces 4 sur mes posts...

    Posté par Bsima, 16 décembre 2005 à 19:41 | | Répondre
  • it's cool to have the author's interpretation
    we just feel less lost
    and completly.. "carabin's band"!
    just kidding guys !
    cross the fingers for us
    and take care hombre..!
    Help: need neuron grafts!
    :°° still have the famous pictures.. shame on me!

    Posté par lemrina, 22 décembre 2005 à 18:48 | | Répondre
  • BL> still have the famous pictures.. shame on me!

    Posté par lemrina, 22 décembre 2005 à 18:49 | | Répondre
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